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Over time the Brainy and his fellow legionnaires developed a pattern for their day to day lives in Ponyville. In the morning Brainy and Superman would awake and join Twilight and Spike for breakfast. Afterward Superman would go to help on the apple farm, Twilight to study her books and Brainy down to the lab.

The lab, while a godsend, was almost a curse at the same time. In a society mostly focused on magic the level of science was far below what Brainy was used to. The materials were also equally sparse seeing as there wasn't much work being done in that field and thus required lots of bits to get what little existed. Half the time Brainy tried to make what he needed with what he had available, the other half he went into town and, for lack of a better word, became a handy man, or would that be a hoofy colt here, to earn extra bits to pool in with what the others were earning at their jobs.

When out in the town, Brainy would try Sugar Cube Corner first. The Cakes tended to have many problems with their ovens and Brainy charged them less then a specialist would have. He did this taking into consideration that they were already paying two more wages then they were before the Legion came to this world and were also giving room and board to Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl.

Whenever he was there Brainy would observe the Cakes while he worked seeing as Mr. and Mrs. Cake were Earth ponies like himself and could possibly help him figure out how they got along for the most part without hands and fingers. For the most part the Cakes seemed to use their mouths for a lot of things, such as stirring and using special oven mitts to take out freshly baked trays of baked goods but they were somehow able to use their hoofs to pick up eggs and crack them open. It didn't seem to be a matter of balance or developed skill. It was as if they knew they could do it and thus did it with ease, making it seem that all ponies had some level of magic that Brainy, still a skeptic of magic despite his numerous encounters with it, had yet to harness.

There was also the aspect of family that Brainy had started to observe without consciously meaning to at first. The Cakes, a married couple, also had children, twins a boy Pegasus and a girl unicorn. At his first encounter with them Brainy expressed his curiosity at how two Earth ponies could have had such children. Apparently having been asked this before Mrs. Cake just smiled and took out their family albums. She showed him a picture of Carrot Cake's great, great, great, great Grandfather a unicorn, which also seemed to be the source of Mr. Cake's orange hair and green eyes, though the green eyes skipped a few generations until Carrot Cake. Then she showed him a picture of her great aunt, second cousin twice removed, who was a Pegasus.

Genetics wasn't Brainy's area of expertise but he was an expert none the less. He knew that, while unlikely, it was possible that those ancestors made it possible for the two earth ponies to have such children. He theorized that the combination of Mr. and Mrs. Cake's brought out the stronger genes of the unicorn and possibly the magic within those genes brought out the dormant genes of the Pegasus. Even if he had doubts about the genes the physical evidence of Pumpkin Cake, the female unicorn, or rather her appearance made it obvious that she was Carrot Cake's daughter. If it wasn't for Pound Cake, the male Pegasus's mane looking similar to Cupcake's he wouldn't have picked him out as either of the Cake's child.

In any case genetics was a strange thing, especially in this world where a pony's coloring rarely seemed to have influence on their children's coloring. For example he saw a picture of Twilight Sparkle's family; her mother was white with a purple and white mane, her father was blue with a darker blue mane and her older brother was white with a blue mane while Twilight was purple with a purple mane with a pink streak along side a lighter purple streak. Then none of the Apple family members looked alike, though he had no frame of reference for the parents. If he had time it would be interesting to do a further study on pony genetics, maybe starting with a Cake genetic family tree but that would have to wait for another time.

It was almost more interesting to note that Equestria had the technology to take pictures, even colored pictures for such a long time. They had advanced technology in some areas but next to nothing in other areas. He believed the train that came through town even ran on coal.

But Brainy was getting off his train of thought, he was thinking of family not genetics earlier. Returning to that he observed that the Cakes were clearly still infatuated with each other even after years of marriage. At times they would forget Brainy was there and would pause and nuzzle each other amidst the middle of whatever they were doing and whenever they would meet eyes from across the room it seemed like they couldn't help but smile at the other. Carrot Cake also seemed to like to call Cupcake "sugar plum" as what Brainy assumed was an affectionate nickname.

They also adored their children, keeping them in a playpen in whatever room they were working in to keep them near though the playpen often did little good to them. Whenever the twins felt like it they would escape it, Pound Cake by flying out, apparently a very early developer, and Pumpkin Cake by using her unicorn magic to float out of which could be considered normal for unicorns since it seemed it was controlled more by emotions then spells at that age. When the twins weren't being adored by their parents they were often playing with Pinkie Pie, who seemed to be their baby sitter along with their playmates. Brainy couldn't help but think that they were on the same level of maturity but had to admit that Pinkie seemed as much of a part of the Cake family as the twins and she did make tedious work go faster with her sunny personality.

After Brainy finished with whatever work the Cakes had for him, Mrs. Cake would insist on giving him a slice of cake or a couple of cupcakes along with his payment. On occasion she would pat his mane in a way that reminded him of Saturn Girl, which would only get ruined when Mr. Cake ruffled it on his way out.

If it was still relatively early in the day he would continue around the town to see if he could get anymore work. On days that he got cupcakes he would drop by the school and give them to the teacher, Cherilee, to disperse among her students and on days that he got cake he would drop it off at the library for Twilight and Spike to share. Once he was done working around town he would return to the library and work with the supplies he had and made calculations for what he still needed and how much he would need to get it.

Some days Superman would stay at the Apple farm until after dinner coming down to the lab to sleep next to Brainy and other days he would come back to the tree house in time to eat with them, having to go down and get Brainy to come eat. The days that Superman returned to dinner were a little awkward for Brainy. It wasn't that Brainy didn't enjoy Superman's company, quite the opposite, but those were the nights were they went to bed at the same time. For Brainy it was much easier to go to sleep and know Superman would be there later rather then consciously lay down next to him. In fact it was utterly nerve racking but Superman didn't seem to think anything of it so Brainy didn't question it and tried not to let his nerves show.

One morning after Superman had left for the farm, Twilight asked him to stay at the library a little longer. She waited until Spike left the room to get some scrolls before turning to him and asking,

"Is Superman your colt friend?"

It didn't take too long for Brainy to realize what she was asking. Her expression made it clear she wasn't asking if Superman was a friend whom was a colt, she knew that much when she met the lot of them. And though Superman was obviously too old to be a "colt" it was similar to how humanoids called men "boys" such in the instance of "boyfriends" like they called women "girls" in the instance of "girlfriends".

Twilight Sparkle had essentially just asked Brainy if he and Superman were dating.

The idea made Brainy feel faint and he was sure he was blushing. If he started giggling he would have to try flying off a cliff without his flight ring.

"What makes you think that?" Brainy tried to brush it off

"Well Applejack offered him a room at the farm but he always comes here to sleep," Twilight rose on eyebrow at him, in a way that clearly said, "I'm not stupid you know" and suggested towards him with a hoof, "Next to you."

"I am… uncertain as to why he does that," Brainy admitted.

"I think the answer to that is rather obvious," Twilight smiled and left the table. "The girls and I are taking a break this afternoon to have a picnic and a few of the Legionnaires are coming too, you should join us."

Brainy made a confirming noise but had no plans on actually going. That was until the Cakes had no work for him and gave him cupcakes to take to the picnic. After that he felt pretty much obligated to go.

Putting on a foal harness saddle, Pinkie Pie, carrying the Cake twins, walked with him to the picnic along with Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl, talking excitedly about the cupcakes he was carrying on his back. When she ran out of cupcake based conversation she began to discuss with her coworkers what to do once they got to the picnic, Brainy mostly stayed out of it.

Most of the others were already there when they arrived and were setting up multiple blankets for the picnic and laying out the food. Rarity was showing Saturn Girl now to fold napkin swans with unicorn magic; Phantom Girl was having fun snuggling against a bashful looking Timber Wolf's fur, Superman was helping Applejack lay out numerous apple treats and Twilight and Fluttershy were getting out the sandwiches while Lightning Lad and Rainbow Dash were racing circles above them.

"Bounce, bounce," Pound Cake giggled and waved his hoofs excitedly, soon followed by his sister in his chant.

Used to the request, Bouncing Boy lay on his back and inflated his stomach a little. He chuckled when the twins were placed on his stomach and they began to jump up and down on him, apparently it tickled.

"Hey Brainy, you made it," Superman smiled at he walked over to him.

Trying very hard not to blush, Brainy nodded and spoke rapidly when he said, "There weren't any jobs to do and the Cakes gave me some cupcakes for the picnic so here I am."

Brainy could just buck Twilight for that knowing look she was giving him.

"Brainy, do the claw thing," Spike brought over three younger fillies which Brainy recognized as Sweetie Bell, Applebloom and Scootalo, two of the three being younger sisters of the main six ponies who had been helping them since their arrival.

"Spike, for the twenty-second time, it is not a claw," Brainy managed not to roll his eyes. For some reason Brainy had a hard time saying no to Spike at these silly requests that started after Spike stopped fearing Brainy's mechanical parts but he wasn't going to give in so easily.

"Please," Spike pleaded, his eyes getting bigger and shinier.

Oh yes, that was why.

"Fine," Brainy sighed.

"Here, let me take the cupcakes first," Superman lifted the box off Brainy's back and balanced them his snout which had made Superman brush said snout against Brainy's side during the transfer.

Darn it Twilight, stop it with the look already!

Shaking his head, Brainy took in a breath and lifted his hoof, making it transform into one of his numerous tools at which the foals made awed noises over. He was forced to change it to several more tools until the food was ready to eat.

Darn Twilight organized everyone to make sure Superman and Brainy sat next to each other. If she didn't stop it with the look and now the winking Brainy would be forced to hide some of her books in revenge.

The ponies that were native to his world began to tell the others about a great dragon migration that was coming up and their plans to make a trench to observe it. Some of the legionnaires expressed interest in seeing it as well and began to ask questions.

Just as Brainy thought it could be an interesting opportunity to study a creature that was a myth in their world he noticed Superman push a sandwich over to him, it was daisies and dandelions something that Brainy found he enjoyed since coming here since all of their taste buds had changed to enjoy pony food along with their transformation into ponies. He noted that there were several other kinds of sandwiches to choose from and wondered if Superman had remembered Brainy enjoying the sandwich before, the thought of which made Brainy blush again.

"Thanks," Brainy managed to say before he began to eat.

Superman smiled before eating a bit of his own sandwich.

"Peaceful here, isn't it?"

"I suppose so," Brainy agreed.

"Do you think once we get back home we'll be able to come back to visit?"

At first Brainy wondered why Superman would want to come back; being in this world was frustrating and backwards at times. It wouldn't be so bad if they had least had their own bodies but they were ponies eating flowers and grass for crying out loud.

Pinkie burst randomly into song and everyone laughed in enjoyment, including Superman whose laugh was warm and inviting. Maybe it wasn't so bad here after all.
Chapter 1 [link]

I wasn't planning on continuing this but "for the lolz" bonus challenge at :iconclarkxbrainy: was the perfect opportunity to do so and I couldn't resist putting my two cents in about something the pony fandom argues about.

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Storm-Nightshade Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Ooh, I can't wait for your next installment! If there is one, which I sincerely hope there is! Well done and keep it up! :D
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OHMAIGLOBOHMAIGLOB!! This is so cute! Please write more soon! X3
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:giggle: Thank you.
I don't have any currant plans to continue this but anything is possible.
Yu-Gi-Ah Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Professional Filmographer
YAY! Chapter 2! ^_^ I loved the continuation for this it is so very cute X3! Twilight asking Brainy if Clark is his Colt Friend was hilariously adorable XD! Seriously I am so glad I went and turned them into ponies for your B-day it has brought such awesomeness from you ^__^.
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
Hilariously adorable... Must find way to use that in conversation because it's cutely funny! :XD:

Glad you enjoyed what you've inspired. :cuddle:
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Cool ^^ I would have guessed PG would do that xD
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Twilight Sparkle playing matchmaker is so cute!

Yeah, we had to explain how my youngest sister can have curly red hair and green eyes when all the rest of us have blue eyes and either black or some shade of brown hair. Mom has bi-chromatic eyes, one of them is blue the other is green, and redheads pop up in her family pretty often, and when Daddy doesn't keep his hair clipped short then it curls just like Robbie's does.
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
:giggle: Glad you enjoyed it. :hug:

That curly red hair sounds adorable. :heart:
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Awwww.....I LOVE this!

What was the two cents about the pony fandom arguing? Is it pairings? Humans?
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
Thanks. :hug:

Some people in the fandom think Mrs. Cake cheated on Mr. Cake and that's how they got a unicorn daughter and a pegasus son when they're both Earth ponies.
Storm137 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Yeesh....Some people. They sound like people in my family who would use that logic to explain how I look.
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
People just don't think in my opinion. That or they ignore their education about recessive genes and such. :roll: It's also strange how people say things can't happen. Like Richie form Static Shock is blond with dark eyebrows and people always said he had to have dyed his hair because "it wasn't possible for him to be a natural blond with dark eyebrows" while I'm living proof that it is very possible! :roll:
Storm137 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I know! God my rudest reletives were convinced that my mother was unfaithful when I was born with black hair and blue eyes when infact my grandfather had blue eyes and my mother had black hair.

People need to think or not say anything period.
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
I agree. That or be smacked upside the head with books... No, that would be insulting to the books. With school textbooks that nobody likes! :XD:
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Even better with bad mary-sue filled notebooks that nobody wants to look at!

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