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Fan Fiction by Opalescent-Angel


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March 9, 2012
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Brainiac Five wished he had his own lab for this. He'd even settle for hands, fingers and especially thumbs at this point.

There was no one to blame for this, though he really wanted to blame Triplicate Girl for it. Why did she have to insist on bringing that ridiculous 1980's artifact into his lab, along with jamming all the Legion members presently staying on Earth into his sanctum, to watch some sort of cartoon? Especially a cartoon about rainbow colored, talking ponies of all things? No slash that, it had rainbow colored, talking "Earth" ponies, Pegasus ponies and Unicorns of all things.

What made them think he cared about some fictional girl named Megan and whether or not anyone got rescued from a place called Midnight Castle from beyond him.

Maybe the blame truly fell onto Phantom Girl; she was the one who tried to jam the VHS thing into an invention Brainy hadn't even decided what it did yet. Yes, the blame for their currant state and location was all Phantom Girl's fault. If he had hands and could fly after her, he would probably be strangling her right now.

Apparently the incomplete invention was a matter shifter and a dimensional transporter. There was no other reason for him to have hooves, of all things, rather then hands and to be in a land of talking ponies.

At least the world they were in seemed different then the image on the VHS case Brainy had saw before the invention, for a lack of a better word, zapped them all here. The only known castle was far into the distance in the side of a mountain that you could see from their currant location when the clouds were clear and they were in a rather simple village, a place called Ponyville.

The second worse thing about their location was how they arrived. They were zapped there in the middle of the town where everypony, grife they got him doing it now, in Ponyville saw them arrive.

The third worse thing was the pink pony that first reacted to them; Pinkie Pie. She did this weird gasp that actually threw her into the air before she ran off. She appeared back almost instantly with a purple canon and, before the Legion knew what hit them, they were covered in confetti and streamers with exclamations that it was now a party for some unknown reason.

What happened next had to be made the second worse thing. It was Pinkie Pie talking to them, no at them. And the singing; how the hay, he better break this new word habit before it becomes engrained in him, did she come up with miniature songs, on the spot, when learning their names? And what made her think she was going to be their new best friends; the pink Earth pony was lucky that she could not read minds when she started singing something about him being a "Smarty Pants Study Buddy", he was seeing red at that point. She's even luckier that Superman grabbed onto his tail to keep him from doing, something, he hadn't fully formed the idea when he started to trot towards her.

Now that was the absolutely worse thing about all of this. He and the Legion had not been simply transported there, no that would have been too easy. They had actually been transformed into rainbow colored, talking Earth Ponies, Pegasus and unicorns!

The entire Legion had kept their natural hair and eye color during the transformation, their hair color also transferring over to be their tail color, but Brainy was the only one who kept his natural skin color. Sadly he still stuck out a little since no pony, sprock he did it again, seemed to be his shade of green or had markings on their neck, legs or a "cutie mark" on their forehead, especially one that was different then the one on their flank. A younger pony with a big ribbon in her mane thought he had something called "cutie pox" but he'll get to that later.

Out of the group all of the girls had become unicorns. Saturn Girl was a light pink, Triplicate Girl was mostly white but had orange and purple spots like a painted pony, and Phantom Girl was also white but had the same black pattern as her uniform had from her neck down to her stomach and legs. Each girl still had their respective jewelry on their heads and their make-up but Triplicate Girl was the only girl with a short tail and her orange and purple highlights from her mane transferred over to the tail as well.

Out of the boys Superman and Lightning Lad were the only ones that became Pegasus. Both were blue but while Superman was a solid blue, Lightning Lad was such a dark blue he was almost black, the lightning scar over his eye a lighter shade of blue so it was still evident on his face, and his hooves were white where his gloves would have been but not on his legs like his uniform.

The left Brainy, Bouncing Boy and Timber Wolf as Earth ponies, though admittedly Timber Wolf was more of a werepony, if there was such a thing. He was the same grey as his fur, his coat longer then the others and his tail looking like it had when he was in his bigger wolf form and his ears pretty much looking exactly the same as before. Bouncing Boy on the other hand didn't look as large as a pony as he did as a man and his skin had changed to almost an exact replica of his uniform, only black were his normal skin tone would be, minus his Legion belt buckle and he still had his goggles.

All of the Legion members had their Legion crests or symbols as their "Cutie Marks" that is all except Brainy. While he still had the Brainiac seal on his forehead his "cutie mark" on his flank was the Legion emblem. Apparently this is what made the "cutie pox" comment but he was force to assure the young filly that the Brainiac symbol on his forehead was a birthmark and that he wasn't sick, having to buck Lightning Lad for his comment immediately after.

The things they were all missing, besides their normal forms and the things that came with it like hands and clothes were their Legion belt buckles and their Legion flight rings. This meant that all but Superman and Lightning Lad were Earth bound and when Brainy went to, more then likely, attack Pinkie Pie, Superman had grabbed onto his tail with his mouth; Superman had bitten Brainy's tail.

The thought still made Brainy's face flush and was a little disappointed that whenever he looked at his short tail, which all the boys had, though Bouncing Boy had somehow spiked his, had no evidence of the transaction. He tried to ignore the tail for the most part; he didn't like how it moved in accordance to his mood.

For all the annoyances this mishap had caused there were two bright spots; the unicorn Twilight Sparkle and her lab in the basement of her tree house library. First of all, and most thankfully, Twilight was an intelligent pony that didn't make Brainy want to bang into his head into a wall when he talked to her. Though she was more magically inclined she did have a mind for science and organization.

Once Pinkie Pie had calmed and she heard their story she made arrangements for all of them. Sadly this meant the Legion had to be divided for living arrangements and to make money, or rather bits, for what they would need while they were there.

Lightning Lad was immediately recruited by a Pegasus called Rainbow Dash to help with the weather and a big storm they had planned. The ponies of this world controlled the weather and the changing of the seasons, plus the royals raised and lowered the moon, how ridiculous was that! Though Brainy suspected Rainbow was spending most of the time challenging Lightning Lad to races and doing stunts for some group called the Wonderbolts.

Both Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl went with Pinkie Pie to work at Sugar Cube Corner for the Cakes while Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl went with Rarity, a white unicorn that seemed to be the only one besides the Legion girls with make up, to assist her in her dress shop.

Thought Superman had been offered a position on the weather team, he went with Timber Wolf to work with AppleJack, an orange Earth pony with a cowgirl hat and a southern sounding accent, on her family's apple farm. How little did AppleJack know how well suited Superman was for farm life, how he must have been on some level missing it to jump at the chance rather then to fly and race with Lightning Lad and Rainbow in the clouds.

To work on a way to getting them home and back to normal Brainy went with Twilight and her assistant baby dragon, who also talked, Spike to their library tree house home. Twilight stayed upstairs to work on a magical solution while Brainy was given free range in the basement for work on a scientific answer. Spike started out going between them to assist when he could, though his priority was in Twilight's favor, but stopped coming downstairs when he saw Brainy's android, or would it be androny here, mechanisms and ran out of the basement screaming for Twilight.

Brainy had felt bad for scaring the baby dragon and returned his mechanisms to his body before following him upstairs. He and Twilight assured Spike that Brainy wasn't sort of death machine, or advanced super squeezy 6000 – whatever that meant, and the baby dragon came out from under Twilight's bed but still didn't come back to the basement when Brainy was working though Brainy suspected that Spike was occasionally watching from the upstairs door.

It was a good thing that Brainy had kept his cybernetic implants for he wasn't sure how, without being a unicorn, he would have been able to work on anything. He couldn't hold a screwdriver or any other tool with hooves, though he's seen Pinkie Pie somehow pull the canon string with her hoof and AppleJack tip her hat in greeting. If he didn't have more pressing manners to attend to her would have been tempted to do a study of how a fingerless culture had develop to have much humanoid technology, homes and even foods, though mostly vegetarian with the exception of eggs.

The storm Rainbow mentioned came shortly after a shy yellow Pegasus brought him a basket of apples for dinner. He thinks she said her name was Fluttershy but it was hard to hear with the hushed voice and nervous squeaks before she ran from the basement, seemingly from nerves, though he wondered why she didn't fly out.

Not knowing how Twilight's equipment would handle in the storm, Brainy figured he would try to get some rest on the mattress Twilight had gotten for him. She hadn't gotten a chance to bring down pillows or a blanket yet but he figured that, as a pony, he wouldn't miss him and curled up with his legs under him like he had seen horses do and settled down to sleep.

A very familiar sounding bolt of lightning awoke Brainy and he looked around a moment before realizing there was something warm on his back and, more importantly, there was someone beside him.

Curled up and fast asleep next to Brainy was Superman, his wing draped over Brainy as a make shift blanket and using his front legs as a makeshift pillow.

Again warmth heated up Brainy's cheeks but he smiled and gave Superman a soft, no one else would know, nuzzle before settling back down to sleep with his head next to Superman's.

Happy birthday to :iconyu-gi-ah: :iconhappybirthday2plz: Inspired by your birthday pic to me. [link]

And I apologize to the girl who suggested I do this before but I said I thought I couldn't; apparently I was wrong. :XD:


Chapter 2 [link]
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Storm-Nightshade Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Holy hay, a decent LOSH-MLP crossover!
lilly987 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Student General Artist
O My Gosh!!!!!! This is brilliant! I just finished ponifying Brainy, and my friend shows me this story! I was fangirling throughout the whole thing! [link]
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
:giggle: Thank you, glad you enjoyed.
It was inspired by this picture [link]
And she drew a second picture [link] for the second chapter [link]
44NTW44 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Student Writer
I can't get over the mental image of Brainy as a pony, let alone the version where he's snuggled up to Superpony. xD Lovin' it.
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
Who needs mental images when you have THESE!
[link] The image that inspired this story.

Glad you liked it. The whole story was created just to get that ending scene. :iconsneakylionplz:
44NTW44 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Student Writer
Superman is dying from the cuteness, I bet.
What if in one of your other stories there is a dress-up party, or it's Halloween, and Superman has a hard time not staring at Brainy in whatever cute costume he ends up wearing? xD

Personally, I prefer my mental images, because I can make everything exactly how I want it to look. xD
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
Ooo, another good idea. ... But where to put it...

:giggle: Me too, I was just kidding for an excuse to give you the links. :XD:
44NTW44 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Student Writer
We have to decide what's he's wearing first. Hm... still thinking... a monkey or a puppy! :D A droopy eared puppy. What do you think - OMG I JUST HAD SUCH A GREAT IDAA!! You have three-year-old Brainy discover the joys of trick-or-treating. People open their doors and go AWWWWW at shy little teddy bear Brainy! Holding his Fuzzy, of course. Maybe one of the legion members gets him to recite the story instead of saying trick or treat? I would die of cuteness if I was giving out candy and that happened to me. x'D

There must now be a Young Justice Halloween episode in the second season. Because I say so. Just the thought makes me grin like a Cheshire Cat.

Cuz you know you like the giggle emote. ;)
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
44NTW44 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Student Writer
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