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June 5, 2011
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If there was something that Coluans, especially Brainiacs, did not believe in it was bed time. No, sleeping regularly was beneath such high intellects. And there was never a lack of excuses to avoid crawling into bed and simply sleeping.

They rather tinker, take things apart and put them back together right because the manufacturers don't know what they're doing. Or build something they just thought of because the idea might be lost among the thousands of others floating around in those giant brains of theirs. Something needed to be repaired, another thing needed to be tested or, one of the best excuses and most frequently used by one particular Coluan Legionnaire, made sure nothing exploded – like it couldn't wait a couple of hours a each night or simply taken off the burner for a bit or whatever else the fifth Brainiac decided he wanted to tempt fate with.

Still after two straight nights in the lab, Lyle has had enough of Brainy's refusal to go to bed without a fight. Tonight he was going to have to use his ultimate weapon to persuade him to rest.

When Lyle arrived at the lab, he paused a moment to watch Brainy work.

Brainy was wearing his lab coat over his Legion uniform, which typically meant chemicals but the human scientist could see small sparks from working with the internal wiring of some invention. That probably meant the Coluan had been going back and forth between different ideas again whenever the mood striked him, getting various small things done rather then one big thing. Lyle cleaned in a similar fashion and thus never got anything accomplished.

Lyle smiled and flexed whatever part of his brain that made him go invisible; it was so second nature to him he didn't even truly understand it himself anymore. He didn't return to full visibility again until he was right behind his target, pressed against his back.

The fifth Brainiac didn't even pause in his work.

"Go away Norg."

Just smiling further, Lyle reached up and gently took hold of the shorter boy's shoulders. He let them rest there a moment, feeling the muscles move as their owner kept his concentration on his task, before giving them a squeeze, then pressing down in a circular motion, moving in a tender massage.

Hands now stilling, a barely audible sigh escaped Brainy's lips.

Not ceasing the massage, Lyle kissed the top of the soft blond hair, then behind his ear, then his neck; his hands leaving the shoulders to caress his spine. He went no further then just above the tail bone as he nuzzled the back of Brainy's neck, the blond strands of hair caressing his face.

Brainy half turned towards him and Lyle wasted no time wrapping an arm around his front, incidentally trapping one of Brainy's arms between them.

Trying to hide a darkened tint of green on his cheeks, Brainy kept his face downwards, "Lyle, I'm busy," he pushed softly on Lyle's shoulder with his free hand.
Ignoring him, Lyle kissed Brainy's pulse point, knowing he was slightly ticklish there. He internally grinned when the Coluan's chuckle turned into a completely different sound when he sucked upon that same spot.

The stool, covered in the numerous stickers Lyle had snuck on it over time that were deemed a waste of time to remove after a dozen or so times of doing so, fell to the ground with a unnoticed clang when Brainy stood and turned fully towards his lab partner. Their belt buckles clanged when their bodies pressed together.

Lyle pressed Brainy back against his work table and kissed right below Brainy's eye, slipping his hands under the lab coat and caressed over his spine before taking hold of his butt cheeks and giving them a squeeze.

Soon enough they were in bed but it wasn't to sleep. Their belt buckles clanged again when Brainy came to lie on Lyle, returning earlier kisses on his neck and cheek.

Black encased hands again caressed the Coluan's spine before making their way back to his butt and caressing there.

"Take off your clothes."

It was moments like this Lyle loved Brainy's bossiness.


Brainy awoke in the morning, head tucked in the crook of Lyle's neck. He stayed there for a little longer before looking up at him, enjoying his partner's sleeping face and his hair splayed across the pillow, free of the headband.

After a few more minutes, Brainy got up and did his morning routine before heading back to the lab. Hopefully nothing had exploded during the night.


Since he couldn't remember wear his lab coat had landed, Brainy decided to stay away from his stable chemical projects and work on some of his machines. He was just finishing repairing a smaller piece of machinery when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

On the corner of the table was a plate with a sandwich, the crusts cut off in a fashion to make it look like a romanticized heart shape. Sticking out of the sandwich was a toothpick with an attached note saying, "Don't forget to eat. XO."

"We should have deemed him Sneaky Kid," Brainy mused as he ate the sandwich.

Later in the day Brainy found Lyle in another part of the lab working on one of his own projects. Though he knew Lyle probably knew he was there already, he quietly walked up to stand behind Lyle and put his hands on his shoulders like what had been done for him the night before. He also wasn't surprised when Lyle turned his face in time for his cheek to receive the kiss meant for his neck.

"So," Brainy began, "Feel up to some equations?"
Written for :iconkikane:
Based of these drawings and other conversations. [link] [link] [link]

On a side note I no longer have a Beta Reader. I apologize for all errors.

Copyrights belong to those who own them.
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lavie-chan-lady Mar 1, 2012   Traditional Artist
wow you worked in all her art!
lavie-chan-lady Mar 3, 2012   Traditional Artist
XD Hey, I'm getting a new comp soon, so I'll be able to update my art. Btw, I'm turning eighteen this summer!
Double congratulations! :highfive: :dance: :party:
When is your birthday?
July 1st! I'm so excited! I'mma go see the third transformers!
Sweeeeeet :horny: Very nice and steamy :iconnosebleedplz:

I will say, i think your missing a word in "a completely sound", kind of around where the club stampes are at the side. But it was all so smexy i don't care ;P
Thankies. :iconblushplz:

Ah, you are right. *puts in the word "different"* There we go. :D
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