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Right to the Good Parts
1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can't stop looking at your mouth.
The conversation had started normal, like it always did after a fight. Saitama scolded Genos for being hot headed, reckless, not looking out for himself, etc… All the while trying to tell him that he "did a good job" up until Genos had a arm ripped off that was.
Still Genos could have continued to fight, could have had a chance to impress his Sensei if Saitama hadn't stepped in to finish off the beast with a single punch. Now they were walking home and Sensei was carrying Geno's detached arm and using it to point at Genos for emphasis on occasion, as if carrying a dismembered limb was no big deal to the man.
But then, it would be by this point, wouldn't it? Saitama had carried Genos' parts on numerous occasions by now, even lifting Genos himself with ease to take him in to Dr. Kuseno for repairs.
Yet as Saitama absently moved Genos' arm around like a school lecturer's pointer, telling Genos y
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Peaceful River
"This seems like an abuse of abilities," Brainy commented, though still looking over the water and the boats in the distance.
"I can fly us back in a second if we're needed," Clark reasoned. "And we hardly get any time alone with the Legion always around in your time and the League in mine."
"That is true," Brainy admitted, walking down the stone path he imagined hadn't changed much over the centuries.
With a smile, Clark took hold of Brainy's hand, "Let's enjoy it while we can."
Giving Clark's hand a squeeze, half amazed that Clark could even feel such a simple gesture at times, Brainy returned the smile, "If you insist."
A bit passed before they could find an available Gondola but soon enough they were drifting together on the river with the smell of flowers coming from either side of them. The seats were surprisingly plush and, for the moment, they had a clear path ahead of them.
The gentle currant was slow, they could walk faster, but it wasn't about getting anywhere. This was abou
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Just GO Already!
When Brainy went to visit Clark in the past, he thought it would be them mostly staying on the farm and trying not to let the locals discover a rather obvious alien hanging around The Daily Planet's newest copy boy. Instead what he received was a strange yellow hoodie with ears that was even more alien than he was and dragged around town to catch invisible monsters.
"That's Pikachu," Clark corrected Brainy in regards to the hoodie, "And they're called Pokemon."
"I fail to see the reasoning behind this outfit or this venture," Brainy pushed back the eared hood, glowering a little when Clark pulled it back up.
"The hoodie makes it look like you're a player, or at least a fan of the game," Clark insisted. "And it's cute."
"It's childish," Brainy ignored the heat glowing in his cheeks in favor of frowning.
In return, Clark ignored him and did his best to explain Pokemon, the Anime, the games and the nostalgia that fueled this new walking adventure game. He continued to explain how the game
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TOSoP 51
Tweek and Brainy said good bye to Penton before heading back towards the lab, reach carrying a side of the box.
"Your arms getting tired?" Tweek asked when they were about half way back.
Brainy shook his head, "No, but I can stop if you need a break."
At that Tweek raised an eyebrow, which gave off the appearance of being trimmed with weed wacker missing a few blades, as to say 'do I look old to you' before puffing out his chest and saying, "Actually I was going to offer to carry it for a while. I'm stronger than I look, you know."
Following his example, Brainy raised a hairless eyebrow and smile, "As am I."
With both eyebrows arched now, Tweek smiled back, "Oh really?"
"Yes," Brainy replied, feeling challenged now, "And I could get even stronger if I wanted."
"Even stronger; you mean like instantly?" Tweek didn't seem to believe him, "How would that work?"
"I'd grow into my bigger form," Brainy explained.
Clearly not enough of an explanation, Tweek blinked at him, "Ya lost me. What?"
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TOSoP 50
Brainy jumped, "What? How-"
"You get that same look in your eyes when you talk about him Jor does when he talks about Laura. And Kal when he talks about you," Tweek hesitated a moment. "And you when you talk about Kal, which is why I'm a little confused right now."
The plant became the focus of Brainy's attention as his face grew hot, "I- I love them both."
Thought Brainy wasn't paying attention to him, Tweek arched his frazzled eyebrows.
"Both? I do not envy you, my friend; although that is a new kind of tough. I mean, even if they are biologically the same they aren't they exact same person. It's almost like your soul mates or something."
"But which one?" Brainy couldn't stop himself from asking, the rest of his words coming out like a flood. "My feelings for Clark are why I resisted Kal-El's advances for so long but now I love him just as much as Clark and my feelings for Clark aren't fading even though I know he doesn't feel the same way about me." He sighed, slowing down his rambl
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CxB Week 2015: Clark Universe
Clark was not human, nor was he a Crystal Gem like Imra, who was a Pink Sapphire, Tinya, who was an Onyx, or Luornu, a fusion between three Tourmalines. When Clark was little the Gems went by their Gem names but chose more human names to better blend in on Earth around the time Clark started grade school. Honestly this might have been better accomplished by faking aging for now Clark looked like he was the same age as the women who raised him.
His mother had been a Blue Diamond before she gave up her physical form to bring Clark into the world. Unlike the others she had never picked a more human name but everyone always referred to her as "Blue" when they spoke to her. Half the time Clark forgot that his mother's gem was the same diamond that sat on his stomach now.
For most of Clark's life he heard "Blue this" or "Blue that" and Clark knew the Gems and his father Jor-El missed her greatly. When he was old enough to go on missions with the Gems he tried to do what he thought his mother
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CxB Week 2015: Criminally Smart
"You're not human," the words came out of Dr. Reed's mouth as easily as any randomly known fact or statistic he had quoted over the last few days of knowing the young man.
Dr. Reed was a remarkably smart and observant young human male, but Brainy, currently disguised as a human in the 21st century, and didn't think he was that much of a threat until now. Brainy had just been there visiting Clark and happened to run into Dr. Reed while he was in Metropolis investigation a serial killer with his FBI team, the BAU.
At first it had just been a comment on doing a crossword puzzle in pen, then chess games while waiting for breaks in the case and, once the case was over but reports and the media to deal with, there was discussion about human nature and literature and other matters that gave Morgan and Clark headaches and gave him excuse to go watch some sports team in the other room. Between all that what could have given Brainy away in a way Dr. Reed noticed?
"I'm sure you hear that sort of
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CxB Week 2015: The Tower
Clark had noticed a tower of books moving around the library out of the corner of his eye several times that day but each time he turned around the tower was gone. Said tower was even growing in size each time it teased its appearance if Clark's imagination had not exaggerated each near sighting.
Honestly the library part time job was rather boring most days. His expectations was gathering research for the librarians, not returning the books of lazy students back to the shelves day in and day out. He wasn't even sure if he had opened a book since he started this job.
Despite his reputation in High School, Clark wasn't some nerd that spent all his time studying. Still he wasn't so far away from that reputation when it came to a good story. He loved the Chronicles of Narnia and Oz and science fiction and fiction in general but with a tendency toward hero stories like Hercules, Arthur's Knights and the occasional Starfleet captain.
The first appearance of the tower of books had instantly
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CxB Week 2015: Kissed By a Rose
Though no one knew where Brainy had been going when he left, or even awake at the time, Brainy had to convince himself several times not to just turn around and go back. He did not know what possessed him to do this to himself every year or why he insisted on buying a rose each time he did but it became a sort of morbid tradition Brainy could not escape from.
Getting beyond the gate was the hardest part, not because of locks or guards or anything like that. The gate was always opened but Brainy sometimes imagined that if he didn't go through the gate he would be able to leave without doing this but after walking away and back several times he always made his way through.
The first trip had been a lot of fumbling and getting turned around but by now Brainy could make the stroll there blindfolded. He didn't even have to worry about running into anyone because there was rarely ever anyone else there and never on this day.
When at last Brainy made it, he plopped down on the ground. He hadn
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CxB Week 2015: A Flower A Day
The first time Clark came into the flower shop it was with his mother. They were looking for something for a family friend's wedding and Clark's mother Martha was in no rush to pick something so while Martha spoke to the store owner, Imra, Brainy made conversation with Clark so he's stop miming banging his head into the wall whenever Brainy was looking but Martha was not.
As it turned out Clark attended university at the same school Brainy was tutoring at though they had never ran into each other due to Clark being on the track to be a reporter and Brainy tutoring exclusively in the science departments. It was one of the few times someone didn't comment on Brainy being too young to be in college, let alone graduated and a tutor, and it was oddly nice.
Brainy told Clark how he work at Imra's flower shop for a bit of extra money while he waited for the university to have a opening for a full time position for him but thought he might continue to afterward at a lesser extent because he an
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CxB Week 2015: The Wager
Though Superman had never visited Mexico in his time, he had an idea of what it looked like and he probably wouldn't have recognized it from the 30th century Mexico now before him. It was as grand as New Metropolis with certain timelessness New Metropolis had lost over the centuries with flea markets and street vendors standing strong besides the towering stores. As well as colors and life among the people and aliens that called Mexico home that New Metropolis couldn't even imagine among the business centric, futuristic stoic atmosphere that had begun to develop even in Clark's time.
All around them there were candles instead of electric lights as all of Mexico prepared for Dio De Los Muertos, or as Superman knew it better as, the Day of the Dead. It felt bitter sweet that among the smiles, candied sugar skulls and joy all around them as people celebrated their departed loved ones that he was there to claim the body of his recently departed friend and former fellow Legionnaire Brainiac
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CxB Week 2015: Wreck It Brainiac
The video game "Save Us Superman" was a relatively newly designed video game, designed to look like the old 8-bit graphics of the early days of arcades. In the few months since the game has been released to the video game store, no one had made it passed the first villain, designed after the original Brainiac. This made things a little boring for 8-bit Brainiac Five who, given his name, assumed he was a villain.
At night the characters of the game would wonder out and mingle with the other video games, getting to know their new home. Brainiacs One through Four stuck together, true to their "bad guy code", and often caused trouble, closely watched by the Surge Protector, whom looked a lot like one of the background cop characters of "Save Us Superman", but Brainiac Five never felt comfortable around his fellow Brainiacs. He especially felt chills whenever around Brainiac Four so he avoided her whenever possible.
Even as he avoided his namesakes, the characters from his own game and othe
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Never Gonna Give You Up
Never Gonna Give You Up
The Sánchez house was anesthetized with the loss of Manolo's father and great grandmother, whom returned to the Land of the Remembered with his mother and the rest of the Sánchez family after the wedding. The loss finally striking Manolo with the cold realization that he would never live with his family again until he too returned to the Land of the Remembered.
Only the warmth of Maria's hand kept Manolo steady and grounded as they went to his bedroom. His bed as small but cozy for the two of them, the master bedroom with the bigger bed better suited for the newly wedded couple remaining unclaimed.
In the morning they went to see Joaquín to find that Joaquín had done permanent damage to his eye and would have to wear an eye patch for the rest of his life. Both Maria and Manolo thought this meant Joaquín would retire and remain in town but Joaquín was not to be deterred from his word that his was time for him to be a real hero.
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2014 Zukaang Week 7
After Aang awoke, Zuko gave him a shirt to wear since the boy didn't need to hold a blanket around him anymore to stay warm. The shirt was far too big on Aang and Zuko forced himself to laugh rather than let his mind stray that it looked like Aang was wearing a "boyfriend shirt". When Aang blushed and lightly hit Zuko's arm for laughing, Zuko laughed for real in reaction to the action.
The thoughts could not be held back by laughter though. Zuko liked seeing Aang in his clothes, too big for him and looking, very accurately, that he had just crawled out of bed. It reminded Zuko yet again how cute Aang was and lead his mind to think of things not so cute, like taking his clothes off of Aang, especially when he remembered that Aang wasn't wearing anything under the pajamas that would simply fall off if Zuko untied the string.
Hope was something Zuko always tried to deny, tried to force out of his mind out of guilt of his feelings and disbelief anything would ever come from them. Yet hope
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2014 Zukaang Week 6
Fall was starting to get colder, easing its way into winter too soon for Zuko's tastes. Winter meant snow and ice and that Aang would have to either stop his runs for the season or move them someplace warmer, and less likely for him to slip and fall, like the YMCA. Moving the runs meant no more passing the tea shop on Saturday mornings and when Aang paused to have tea with him, it was really the only one on one time Zuko got with the boy.
The change might be good for Zuko though. Since he had become Aang's friend he had started to like Aang a little too much, finding himself staring at Aang and often his lips when he talked or laughed and especially when he sang. At night he couldn't sleep without remembering Aang's smile, imagining touching those lips, imagining holding him and, shamefully, imagining Aand there in bed with him. Everything about Aang just brought so much light into Zuko's life and he shouldn't really be thinking of Aang that way after all of Aang's kindness toward him;
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2014 Zukaang Week 5
If Zuko were to ever see the fortune teller again he would tell her that she was right; he had reached his destiny in an unexpected way. After learning the true power of firebending from the original masters, increasing Zuko's inner flame he had been able to properly teach Aang firebending and together, with the rest of their friends; they had won the war. He was now the Fire Lord and he had his uncle and friends to make sure he stayed true to his world to change the Fire Nation and make it, and the world, a better place.
Given her profession Zuko imagined that the fortune teller already knew she had been right. Still he wished he could see her again and ask her a question that he hadn't thought of at the time:
What was his relationship with Aang suppose to be now? Now that the war was over and their betrothal long gone, what were they now?
At minimum Zuko was still Aang's firebending teacher; the young monk currently staying at the palace to continue his lessons. A step above that the
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Robyn Davis
United States
Current Residence: At home
Favourite genre of music: Anything I like!
Favourite cartoon character: Peruru from Sailor Moon, Sakura from Card Captor Sakura and Brainiac Five from Legion of Superheroes
Personal Quote: I need a hug...
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1) What's your favorite prime-time (from 8pm to 11pm) show on the core networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC)?

Hard to say... Would have to Say "Agents of Shield" at the moment and I am so excited about the spin off show "Agent Carter" that I could have a seizure when I see the opening credits.

2) What's your favorite animal?


3) Could you go a day without yaoi?

If you count not thinking about it then the answer is no. If you mean looking at it / reading it then I have before.

4) Who is your favorite manga villain?

No clue. I don't really fangirl over manga villains like I do with Disney or Superhero movies.

5) Who is your favorite non-manga villain?

Now that's a tough one. It changes constantly.

6) Why do you love to draw/write?

Because I can create my own world with my own rules and there are no limits my imagination can't reach.

7) What was your first DA submission?

I actually had to look since I didn't remember. It was a picture of Neo Queen Serenity that I painted on my wall.

8) What kind of DA submissions do you favorite more than others?

I favorite a lot of fanart.

9) What's your favorite music genre?

I don't really have one; I sort of just like whatever catches my fancy. I guess I really only dislike heavy metal.

10) What anime/manga character would you turn gay for?

Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon.


I won't be tagging anyone.


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