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Chapter 26

The First Wonder

Though the Other Mother seemed to be gone, Querl was still cautious as he left the tunnel. As he looked around he found that the room that once looked identical to the one in his world was starting to change. The wallpaper and furniture were taking on bug motifs and Querl could swear he saw the furniture twitch and breath and their eyes follow him as he stepped away from the tunnel and further into the room.

As he stood by the door, Querl could hear something that sounded similar to a squeak. Or more accurately the sound of a finger writing against wet glass. The same sound the mirror had made in his world when Garth wrote the message for help in the reflection of their frosty prison.

Yet there was no mirror to trap them in either family room. The only mirror downstairs had been the one in the hallway where the Ghost Children were kept. There had to be something else holding them there for Querl to be able to hear it.

No sooner than Querl cleared the doorway an orange rat with green button eyes ran out, carrying the button handled key. It dodged Querl's attempt's to grab it and went straight to the Other Mother, whom had been waiting in the hallway.

Taking the key the Other Mother smiled triumphantly and walked back into the twisted family room.

Staying clear of her, Querl watched as the Other Mother closed the little door and locked it. She then tilted her head back and swallowed the key whole.

"Why don't you just use you own key," Querl could not stop himself from asking.

The rat squeaked, making Querl turn to look at it. The rodent held up one of what would account for a finger on a rat's paw, indication "one". In return for its efforts, it was kicked out of the room by the Other Mother.

As if she hadn't done anything that wasn't sweet and motherly, the Other Mother smiled at Querl and now that he was taking a good look at her, he could see that she looked taller and thinner, as if her skeleton wanted to burst out of her skin. Her fingers were also longer, her nails pointed and looking sharp, her hands starting to look like some sort of claws.

"I suggest you start to play your little game Queraline, you only have so much time," the Other Mother voice was confident.

With bravery Querl did not feel, he walked past the Other Mother out of the family room to look for the eyes of the ghost children. He let go of the breath he had been holding once he was out of her sight.

Now alone again, Querl pondered his clue; three wonders she had made just for him. When this world was still wonderful to him the most wondrous thing was the Other Mother herself but she wasn't something she created beyond the appearance of a Coluan woman. Besides she had said "in" three wonders and hopefully she wouldn't have swallowed the eyes like she had the key.

The wonders almost had to be places in this other world. Places that were different than his that she had made.

Immediately Querl rushed to the window of the kitchen and looked out, gazing at the garden. That was definitely something he did not have in his world.

Leaving through the kitchen door, Querl ran outside and to the garden but slowed down when he got to the gate. He had to be cautious so he didn't miss anything and, as Phantom Girl said, it was doubtful that the Other Mother would play fair.

The gate creaked as Querl opened it, the only sound in the silent night outside of his footsteps and the crunching of withering plants below them. The garden that had been so vibrant before lost all of its light, the illusion of this world dying along with the Other Mother's disguise.

Sound filled the air with a buzzing, alerting Querl to move in time to dodge a swoop of two giant orange hornet-like creatures. A third hit Querl from behind, knocking him down and there was a clang of stone against stone as the trinket Luornu had given him fell out of his pocket.

The two hornets from the first strike swooped down again, grabbing up the stone triangle with their stingers and attempted to fly off with it.

"I don't know why you want it," Querl stood, shifting his hand into a canon, "But I'm not about to let you have it."

With three blasts Querl destroyed the hornets, leaving piles of sawdust like that the Other Mother scrapped from the family room wall, than shifted the canon back into his hand. He cautiously walked over to pick up the stone, looking it over.

"Why would they want this?" Querl asked the air. The only thing unique about the stone was the hole on the center.

Almost absently Querl looked through the hall, blinked and then looked through the hole again. When he looked at this world through the whole all the colors were gone and everything was dark. It was almost like looking at shadows that had formed to take solid form and casted no shadows themselves.

Curious, Querl slowly turned to look at more of the world through the stone. Just as he was adjusting to the shadowed vision of the world, a light struck his vision. The light was small, round and slightly above him holding perfectly still. But when Querl stepped toward the light it moved and it came along with the sound of stone cracking.

Quickly putting the stone away, Querl looked at where the light had been and saw the Greek Water Nymph statue that resembled Imra starting to move. The stone of the statue cracked and grinded against itself as the statue moved from its stationary position but did not break apart.

The mouth of the statue opened with a hiss, the nymph now having fangs. She, if statues took on the genders they were sculpted after, cradled her lyre protectively against her and swiped a Querl with her now clawed hand.

Querl jumped back and turned his hand back into a canon but hesitated. Not only did the statue bare the resemblance of Imra but there was a child's eye in it. If he blasted the statue he could destroy the eye.

With no consideration for Querl's well fair the statue attacked him again, moving faster than any statue had the right to move, almost cutting him across the chest with her claws as he was forced to jump back again.

He considered using his force field belt but with how uncertain he was of if it would work and how long it would last if he used it, also factoring the level of danger he was in and how much more he had left to face, it wasn't worth it to use it now. He needed to immobilize the statue and use the stone to figure out where the eye was.

For now it was best to dodge, to give himself time to think. But dodging didn't leave much time to think; at least for normal people. Luckily Querl was a 12th level intelligence and could think much quicker and on more subjects than most.

As he continued to dodge, Querl tried a weak blast, practically a light show that would tickle slightly, just to see how the statue would respond. And the response was what Querl predicted; she shielded the lyre rather than herself just as she held it protectively against her since she sprung to life to attack him. The eye was more than likely in the lyre, as odd as that sounded.

When Querl returned his canon into a hand to make a grab for the lyre the statue shrieked; her grip on it unrelenting. She glared at Querl with painted pink button eyes, making him think of Querl if she stayed trapped here instead of him, only motivating him to fight for the lyre harder.

Unfortunately it was still only a theory that the eye was in the lyre. Querl still could not afford to blast the statue to pieces in order to get it.

Though dying, the vines on the garden wall still had enough life in them to slither like snakes and wrap themselves around Querl's legs, pulling him off his feet and starting to drag him to the wall's new opening to swallow him up. Still he did not let go of the lyre and the statue continued to pull opposite to the vines trying to deliver them to wherever the wall's mouth lead him. And though Querl could stretch his body mechanically it was still rather painful to be pulled in two opposite directions when he wanted to stay compact.

If Querl wanted to defend himself he'd have to at least half let go of the lyre and that could be all the advantage either the wall or the statue needed to make him let go completely. If he was dragged toward the wall he may not have time to blast it before he was pulled in, the tension of the vines more than likely acting like a catapult once the opposite force from the statue was gone.

Before Querl could decide his course of action something that sounded like a laser blasted behind him and the force from the vines were gone, catapulting him into the statue and rather painful to everywhere on his body that knocked into her, knocked her over with him landing on top of her.

The statue hissed but she did not have time to attack him before the laser sound returned, two red beams blasting off her head and making her motionless again.

Sitting up, Querl had the lyre in hand and looked around for the source of the lasers that rescued him.

Other Clark rushed to Querl's side, concern written across his face.

Surprise at seeing him alive was Querl's excuse for all but jumping up and embracing the Other Clark, not even noticing that the garden turned gray and was starting to crack around him like dried clay until they parted.

"How," was all Querl could manage.

Other Clark hesitated to answer, his voice soft when he did, "Lyle stayed behind to distract Other Mother so I could run; so I could protect you if you return." His button eyes looked into Querl's still mechanically enhanced ones. "Why did you return?"

"She has my family," Querl answered honestly.

"Then I will help you get them back," declared Other Clark, hugging Querl again.
Queraline Chp 26



...Barely. XD

This is probably the first chapter I've writing without watching the movie since I did the first chapter which was pre-movie anyway. I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween treat.

First Chapter: Queraline Chp 1
Previous Chapter: Queraline Chp 25
Next Chapter: ...



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