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Chapter 2

The Chase

For some reason or another, the Avatar had left the old fool behind and the old fool didn't even seem to mind, showing how much of a fool he was. It truly didn't matter though; he was Mai's parent's problem now. Her focus would be what her brother's life goal had been not too long ago; capturing the Avatar.

The Avatar was a child but he was talented and skilled enough to make the chase challenging at the very least. There had to be some reason Zuzu failed at it for so long, even if it was Zuzu they were talking about.

As luck would have it Azula even had the seasons on her side; the spring causing the Avatar's beast to shed and making the little group easy to track. She, Mai and Ty Lee pursued them, watching the beast take off again each time they were getting close.

Due to the staff operating the tank, she and the girls were able to rest while they pursued the Avatar's group throughout the night. Their beast could not last as long as a machine and soon the Avatar would be hers.

By morning the Avatar's group had attempted to trick her, fur trail in one direction but broken tree tops befallen by a sleep deprived flying beast in the other. Only the Avatar would be able to make a fur trail without his beast flying for him so she sent the girls after the Avatar's friends and pursued the Avatar herself.

She found him, sitting in an abandoned town, waiting for her. She could see the dark circles under his eyes, the exhaustion with every breath; he was practically begging to be taken.

This was also her first opportunity to get a decent look at his eyes. At first they looked brown but when he lifted his head to look at her, his eyes caught the light and they almost appeared to be made of silver.

"All right, you've caught up with me," the Avatar spoke up, "Now, who are you and what do you want?"

"You mean you haven't guessed? You don't see the family resemblance," she remembered the Avatar's smile and laughter in former Omashu and wondered if she could invoke it again, "here's a hint." She covered her eye and deepened her voice for her imitation, "I must find the Avatar to restore my honor!"

She can't help but frown when the Avatar doesn't laugh, doesn't even respond. All he does is sit and watch her in silence.

"It's okay, you can laugh. It's funny," Azula insisted.

Instead the Avatar asked, "So what now?"

"Now," Azula almost wants to laugh herself seeing as the answer is so obvious. "Now, it's over. You're tired and you have no place to go. You can run, but I'll catch you."

The Avatar stood, "I'm not running."

So he was brave too, the notion made Azula smile. His bravery was foolish but it was still an admirable quality after dealing with so many cowards for so long.

"Do you really want to fight me?"

The sound of an animal approaching stopped the Avatar from whatever answer he may have given, both of them turning to see the newcomer. Out of all people, it was Zuzu, jumping off an ostrich horse and throwing to the side a conical hat as he stares her down.

"Yes, I really do."

Finally the expression of the Avatar changed, turning to that of alarm at the sight of Zuzu, Zuzu of all people, calling out his proper name in surprise. She would have to show them both who the real player of this game was.

Having Zuzu joined the fight certainly complicated things. She could not get the Avatar's full attention, nor could she give him hers. Each person was in a fight with two opponents, something the Avatar was in no condition to do having been foolish to take on one royal of the Fire Nation family to begin with.

The Avatar tried to flee but she didn't let him, forcing him to stay and continue the game with her and Zuzu. She fought, chased, dodged and attacked them both, unable to truly enjoy any of it because the Avatar was still reacting more to Zuzu than to her.

At last she got a reaction, even a smile, when the Avatar nearly got her to run into the upper floor of an old building with no floor. He sat, waving at her from the middle of the room, sitting on a swirling ball of air as he smiled. She managed to steady herself on the ledge to the side of the door, but barely had time to take in the expression before Zuzu had to ruin it by charging in without thinking and falling to the first floor.

The fight continues; just her and the Avatar for the moment. She traps him in another building, under the wooden planks she made fall with him when she made the ceiling collapse. With ease she lit the perimeter of the room on fire as she walked toward him.

She finally had him trapped. She finally had him scared.

Her lightning would be more than enough to render him unconscious for a while to make transporting him easy.

But her lightning never made it to its intended target; a water whip knocked her hand off course. Then cut the wood to free the Avatar.

"Katara," the Avatar all but cheered, grinning from ear to ear.

Azula made note of the Water Tribe's girl's name, chasing her down to end her only to be interfered with yet again by Katara's brother. The odds were against her know, the Avatar and the two Water Tribe peasants working together against her, then joined by a young Earth bending girl whom had not been at former Omashu but the Avatar and his friends seemed to know and were happy to see.

Suddenly Uncle and Zuzu were fighting with them against her as well, cornering her against a wall. They had trapped her.

"Well, look at this: enemies and traitors, all working together. I'm done," Azula raised her hands. "I know when I'm beaten. You got me. A princess surrenders with honor."

She looked between them and chose her target, striking Uncle with her lightning to give her an opening, smiling as she enjoyed Zuzu's cry of anguish even as all the opponent benders tried to strike her at ones. She still escaped unscathed and with one small victory, even though she knew the strike had not been enough to kill Uncle.

Once a safe distance away, Azula recalled that the Water Tribe girl's name was Katara. She wondered what the Avatar was called.
Chapter 1

First Meeting

A smile is the first thing that catches Azula's attention about the Avatar. Sure she had assessed him the moment he was in view; child wearing brightly colored clothing in the style of the Air Nomads and a hat covering the give-away arrow tattoo if he possessed one, carrying some sort of staff. His body was lithe, probably capable of speed but it was hard to assess his ability to fight while he was standing still. She surmised that he was the Avatar but she could not be for sure yet; she couldn't afford to act rashly if he was indeed the Avatar.

Still with these observations and theories the first thing that was really note worthy was when the boy smiled. The smile wasn't even in her direction, pointed upward as the chain lowered the captured old fool, the former king of the former city Omashu, to the ground behind her Mai and Ty Lee. Very oddly she found the smile rather appealing, coming from looking at someone the boy was obviously rather fond of. Not many, if any, ever smiled around her in such a way, not even Ty Lee whose smiles were always so wide or sunny it looked like it hurt her to smile that way. No this smile was small, soft, relieved and so obviously caring it bothers her when the smile fades, when the boy turned to her, becoming serious.

"Do you have my brother?" Mai asked, voice as monotone as ever.

"He's here, we're ready to trade," the boy confirms.

The older girl and older boy behind the first boy, acting as their leader in this, appeared to be from the Water Tribe and look similar enough to be siblings. Just like the ones said to travel with the real Avatar. She still needed to get him to air bend to prove it though.

"I'm sorry, but a thought just occurred to me," Azula steps forward and turns slightly to Mai, already knowing her answer without asking, "Do you mind?"

"Of course not, Princess Azula," Mai predictably answered.

As Azula points out the folly of trading a powerful Earth Bending king for a toddler, she watches the boy's serious expression turn into a frown. He was wonderfully expressive, making him all the easier to read. Watching his eyes widen in reaction to Mai calling off the deal, causing the old fool to be lifted away was just delightful.

The boy called after the fool, calling him rather informally by name and suddenly started running forward, in her direction, holding his staff differently than before. As interesting as he was to watch she couldn't just let him do as he pleased, shooting fire to block him, secretly amazed when the boy leaped high into the air to evade her attack. She watches as he briefly touches the scaffolding around the statue of her father and pushes himself off, opening his staff into a glider in mid air. To confirm her suspicious the action causes him to lose his hat, leaving his arrow tattoo exposed, too late to hide as he holds on to the hat with his teeth.

"The Avatar," Azula felt herself grin, "My lucky day."

From her lessons, Azula always thought Air Bending was a useless element for fighting. The Fire Nation had taken care of the Air Nomads a hundred years ago easily enough after all. Still as she watched the Avatar she could not help how clever the boy was, using his breath to freeze the chain and holding up the old fool's coffin, how easily he deflected her fire with a bit of air, quickly breaking the chain with his staff to get the old fool and himself away from her. The boy then used air to keep them from crashing, using the old fool's coffin like a sled to glide down the mail chutes to quicken their escape.

As she chases after them in a stone mail box of her own, she can hear the boy laughing but not what was being said between him and the old fool. How could the boy be so carefree as to laugh when she was his opponent? She would have to show him not to take her lightly.

Their fight as they rapidly shoot down the mail chutes was fascinating. The Avatar continues to block her attacks and makes her fight for opportunities to attack him with his own attacks of strong winds. He continued to use his cleverness to try to evade her, his body moving quickly as she predicted to dodge her attacks and also agile in his movements.

It would have been interesting to see how the fight would have ended if that giant furry beast didn't come swooping in to save the Avatar and the old fool. She manages to make the beast dodge away from the Avatar with an attack but when the Avatar tried again to get himself and the fool onto the beast's back the water tribe siblings miss catching them and they fall.

Their fall is broken by another chute as they land crosswise on it, breaking right through. They land on another chute and start to slide down once again but she stays right behind them. She attempts to use a fire disk attack but someone, somewhere Earth bended protection for them and blocked her path, forcing her to abandon her cart and her chase.

She watched as they escaped her, swearing that the Avatar would be hers.
Seizing the Avatar Chp 1

Ever have a pairing you don't really ship but once an idea for it in in your head it just won't go away?

Like I ship Kataang and Zukaang, though not Kataanko or whatever the OT3 is called. I like Zutara fanart but I really can't see them together romantically, even if Aang is in the middle.

Then out of the blue Azula came in an threatened me to make a Azuaang or whatever this pairing is called. Does it have a name? I never seen fanart of it and only one fanfiction that I didn't read.

Enjoy my madness and please comment.

I have no idea how I want this story to end!



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I favorite a lot of fanart.

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I don't really have one; I sort of just like whatever catches my fancy. I guess I really only dislike heavy metal.

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