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After Aang awoke, Zuko gave him a shirt to wear since the boy didn't need to hold a blanket around him anymore to stay warm. The shirt was far too big on Aang and Zuko forced himself to laugh rather than let his mind stray that it looked like Aang was wearing a "boyfriend shirt". When Aang blushed and lightly hit Zuko's arm for laughing, Zuko laughed for real in reaction to the action.

The thoughts could not be held back by laughter though. Zuko liked seeing Aang in his clothes, too big for him and looking, very accurately, that he had just crawled out of bed. It reminded Zuko yet again how cute Aang was and lead his mind to think of things not so cute, like taking his clothes off of Aang, especially when he remembered that Aang wasn't wearing anything under the pajamas that would simply fall off if Zuko untied the string.

Hope was something Zuko always tried to deny, tried to force out of his mind out of guilt of his feelings and disbelief anything would ever come from them. Yet hope kept fluttering up in him as he got to spend the whole day alone with Aang; starting with her blanketed embrace and continuing with each touch and smile and laugh that came from Aang.

Part of Zuko's mind was trying to lead him to believe that Aang was even flirting with him. How could he ignore Aang commenting on Zuko wanting to see Aang naked without a hint of disgust or calling him hotman? And even if he ignored those as being from Aang's thawing out state at the time, Aang continued to touch Zuko unnecessarily, joking about the apartment being their private love nest and winking at him in a way Zuko knew Aang was going to drive him mad.

Still this was just the way Aang was, wasn't it? So free spirited and accepting that he wouldn't think anything of their situation and joking about it without second thought or knowing how it affected Zuko.

But what if Aang knew how it was affecting Zuko? What if he knew exactly how Zuko felt about him and this was Aang's way of telling him it was okay? Or making a joke out of it to tell Zuko that he wasn't interested and trying not to hurt his feelings by making light of it?

No, Aang would never joke about someone's feelings like that. If anything it was letting Zuko know that Aang thought Zuko's feelings okay but even with talk of the apartment being their love nest Zuko couldn't be sure Aang returned those feelings or not. At least he couldn't without asking him and Zuko's hope for Aang's affection wasn't strong enough to give him that courage just yet.

When Aang stood to check on his clothes, Aang actually kissed Zuko's cheek. It was an actual kiss on the cheek; not the sound of a joke kiss or an air kiss but an actual kiss on Zuko's actual cheek. As Zuko questioned his place in the universe, Aang headed to the bathroom, so casual about the whole thing Zuko wondered if it was possible the kiss actually meant anything or if Aang was just that friendly after a certain point in his friendships. Then again Zuko couldn't imagine Sokka tolerating Aang doing that to him.

Thinking of Sokka, Zuko made a dash for the phone the moment Aang was out of sight and called Sokka's cell, the only number he actually had memorized because it was so simple. Sooner or later he was going to have to remember to program everyone's numbers into his cell phone or sneak it out of his locker at school during lunch to get them then.

"Zuko, you got to help me," Sokka said the moment he picked up, having must recognized Zuko's number from his caller ID. "Toph got snowed in at our house; I have nowhere to hide."

"That's right," Toph's voice bellowed loud enough for Zuko to hear. "Now bring me some more melon!"

"Come on Melon Lord, I'm on the phone with Zuko," Sokka sounded like Toph must have been treating him like a servant all morning.

"What does Fire Britches want?" Toph sounded closer to the phone now.

"My pants caught on fire one time," Zuko mumbled.

"One time is all it takes buddy," Sokka sounded sympathetic.

"So are you snowed in too," Toph asked.

"Yeah, only I got Aang at my place," Zuko smiled despite himself.

"Trade you," Sokka offered, followed by the sound of pain. Really Sokka ought to have known better.

"How is Twinkle Toes?" Toph asked.

"Well he's the reason I'm calling," Zuko started.

"Did something happen," Sokka interrupted, "Should I get Katara?"

"No, I mean yes, but nothing bad. I mean it could have been bad but it didn't get too bad because he came here and," Zuko stopped himself and took a deep breath. "Does Aang ever kiss you guys?"

There was silence; then Sokka slowly asked, "What?"

Not sure how much time he had left Zuko tried to quickly explain what happened and how Aang was acting toward him since he woke up and ended with the kiss. His heart pounded as silence was his answer again.

"Zuko, you have a problem," Sokka's voice sounded rather creepily serious. He didn't let Zuko panic too long though before he finished, "You're an idiot."

Now it was Zuko's turn to slowly go, "What?"

"Congratulations," Toph laughed, "You're Twinkle Toe's boyfriend."

Immediately Zuko felt his skin heat up and his heart pound again, his hope soaring but crashing against the memory his bad luck streak in life.

"You can't be serious," Zuko stammered as he tried to deny it. "Aang would never go for someone like me."

"Well I can't say I approve on Aang's tastes in men," Sokka sighed, "I always thought he's go for someone smarter."

"I'm not stupid, I'm realistic," Zuko snapped at them.

"Sokka look up 'denial' in the dictionary for me and tell me if Zuko's picture is there, would yeah," Zuko could practically hear Toph's smirk.

"You're no help," Zuko seethed and slammed the phone, glad he used Iroh's land line rather than his cell; ending a call on a cell would just never be as satisfying.

"Who is no help," Aang popped up behind Zuko, nearly making Zuko knock the phone back off the receiver.

"Sokka," Zuko said quickly, unable to look Aang in the eye.

Luckily Aang accepted this easily enough and luckily for Zuko, Aang's clothes were still damp for Aang remained in Zuko's oversized clothes. Zuko couldn't help but think of what Sokka and Toph said and wondered if he could use it as an excuse to return Aang's cheek kiss with one of his own; only on the lips.

Bringing him out of his thoughts Iroh called up the stairs for him, asking him to bring down a box of green tea. They must have had a rush if his uncle was going to dig into his private stash but cold weather did call for cold drinks.

"They're probably shorthanded, I should probably get dressed and help out a bit," Zuko lamented.

"I'll come down with you," Aang grinned.

"You're in pajamas," Zuko felt embarrassed for him, "My pajamas."

"Yeah so," Aang shrugged. "They're clean, in good shape-"

"Practically hanging off of you," Zuko interrupted, blushing. Really, he didn't want anyone else to see Aang like this.

"They're not going to fall off," Aang rolled his eyes. "Besides if you leave me up here, alone, I might get bored. I might start digging through your stuff and I'm sure I could find something embarrassing somewhere. Or I could just steal a pair of your underwear, who knows what crazy things I'll do if left unattended."

Zuko blushed and stared at him while Aang just grinned back. This was definitely a battle of wills and Zuko didn't know if he had the will to battle Aang.

"Fine," Zuko groaned. "Try to behave while I get dressed."

"I could go with you; it would only be fair since you saw me practically naked," Aang wiggled his eyebrows, smiling teasingly at him.

For a moment Zuko could not speak, just blush and stare at Aang and try to ignore Sokka and Toph's voices in his head. His default kicked in and he angrily told Aang to stay put as he stormed off to his room in order to blush more in private for a little bit.

Once Zuko was dressed he grabbed the green tea and headed downstairs with Aang. It was indeed a bit crowded but no one at the counter since most people were there in groups so it was free for Aang to sit there while he waited for Zuko to be finished. As Zuko went to help, he overheard Jet compliment Aang on his "boyfriend shirt" look and Aang chuckled in return and thanked him, making Zuko grateful he wasn't holding any hot tea yet to pour on himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming this.

By the time Zuko got to return to the counter, some time had passed and Aang suddenly had company there; a girl about Aang's age if not a little younger. She had long brown hair in two thick braids, watching Aang as he talked with such a smile on her face that Zuko couldn't decide if he wanted to throw her out or avoid the counter until she was gone.

Spotting him, Aang waved Zuko over, leaving him no choice but to join them.

"Hey Zuko," Aang smiled at him before suggesting to the girl beside him, "This is Meng, she works at the Fortune Teller's place that Katara likes to go to."

"You mean where Katara could earn frequent flyer miles," Meng joked making Aang laugh and Zuko's heart sink.

"Meng, this is Zuko, my boyfriend," Aang smiled; confused at the stares he was now getting from both of them.

"He's your boyfriend," Meng asked at the same Zuko asked, "I am?"

Aang looked at Meng, then turned to Zuko, "I thought," he hesitated, "I mean after," Aang looked at the ground, unable to continue.

Zuko barely glanced at Meng, whom was staring questioningly at him, before turning to shout to Iroh, "Uncle, I got to go," but Zuko barley heard Iroh thank him for helping out as he grabbed Aang's hand and pulled him back upstairs.

Part of him told him he should sit Aang down and they should talk about this calmly but that part of his brain wasn't on fire like the rest of his thoughts. As soon as the apartment door closed behind him, Zuko pressed Aang against the door and hovered over him with his own body so he couldn't get away. Even with the burning he couldn't help but enjoy the way Aang was not the one blushing.

"Why do you think we're dating?" Zuko asked softly, much softer then he thought he was able to, much different than the way he imagined bringing Aang up here to kiss him and take his place as Aang's boyfriend without giving him a chance to change his mind.

Aang squirmed a little, still blushing as he spoke, "You kissed me."

"I thought you were asleep," Zuko admitted.

"I woke up a little when you picked me up," Aang admitted in return. "I was just so warm and comfortable I didn't want to wake up the rest of the way so I tried to stay asleep."

"My kissing you doesn't mean we're dating," Zuko wished he would stop digging his own hole but he had to be sure. "That just means, well, it means I like you." Zuko knew he was blushing as well now but he had to continue. "Dating is sort of a two way thing."

Aang looked up at Zuko, then reached up and grabbed Zuko's face, pulling him down before Zuko could question it and kissed him.

The kiss was warm but brief and Zuko could feel Aang's breath against his lips as he spoke, "That means I like you, hotman."

"Don't call me that," Zuko murmured, leaning in to kiss Aang again.
2014 Zukaang Week 7


Theme: Hope

A little late but this one was the hardest to write.

End of the storyline from "Daybreak" 2014 Zukaang Week 1 , "Skin" 2014 Zukaang Week 2 and "Heat" 2014 Zukaang Week 6.

Fall was starting to get colder, easing its way into winter too soon for Zuko's tastes. Winter meant snow and ice and that Aang would have to either stop his runs for the season or move them someplace warmer, and less likely for him to slip and fall, like the YMCA. Moving the runs meant no more passing the tea shop on Saturday mornings and when Aang paused to have tea with him, it was really the only one on one time Zuko got with the boy.

The change might be good for Zuko though. Since he had become Aang's friend he had started to like Aang a little too much, finding himself staring at Aang and often his lips when he talked or laughed and especially when he sang. At night he couldn't sleep without remembering Aang's smile, imagining touching those lips, imagining holding him and, shamefully, imagining Aand there in bed with him. Everything about Aang just brought so much light into Zuko's life and he shouldn't really be thinking of Aang that way after all of Aang's kindness toward him; it felt like a betrayal.

Snow drifting outside the window when Zuko woke up seemed to agree with him that he and Aang should be kept apart for a while. The weather turning from flurries to a storm in the short amount of time it took Zuko to get dressed and go downstairs to the tea shop only seemed to further guarantee that he would not see Aang that day.

Instead of sweeping the entrance, Zuko would be shoveling and salting the sidewalk to make sure none of their patrons fell and Zuko was confident the usuals were already on their way in spite of the weather. He was nearly finished when he heard crunching of the snow behind him and figured it was an early customer.

However it was Aang behind him, headset looking frozen to his head over his beanie as Aang shook and smiled at him. The boy had left his house in a simple jogging outfit, made to keep him cool, not warm, which was soaking wet and clinging to him from the snow.

"You idiot," Zuko shouted without thinking, dropped the shovel and took off his jacket, wrapping it around Aang and using it as means to pull Aang into the tea shop.

"I-it wasn't snowing yet when I left," Aang's voice shook along his body, Zuko swearing his lips looked blue.

"That's what the weather channel is for," Zuko scolded, pulling Aang the rest of the way inside.

"Those guys wouldn't know weather, unless they looked outside a window," Jet commented, frowning as he looked Aang over.

"Hi Jet," Aang greeted friendlily; despite his chattering teeth.

"Hey," Jet mumbled before turning to Zuko. "Take him to your apartment and warm him up, I'll finish the shoveling."

The offer surprised Zuko but he wasn't about to argue. He thanked Jet and dragged Aang to the upstairs apartment, pulling his jacket off Aang once they were in the entryway and told him to strip out of the wet clothes, barely able to keep himself from stammering.

To distract himself Zuko rushed to get blankets, turning on the little electric heater that looked like a real fireplace and started a kettle for some something hot to drink. He tried not to think of how this would be a romantic date under different circumstances.

When Zuko returned Aang was just in his underwear and beanie, arms wrapped around himself as he continued to shiver. It took all of Zuko's willpower to not stand there and stare, to drink in Aang's lithe body and touch it, to instead wrap a blanket around him and rub over his shoulders.

"I have some old pajama bottoms that may fit you if you tie the string real tight," Zuko continued to rub over Aang's arms, wishing he could heat his hands to help him warm up quicker. "You can change into them in my room so you can get out of your wet underwear." He paused and managed to look at Aang's face, "You'll have to take off the beanie too."

For a moment Aang hesitated and Zuko could guess as to why. For as long as Zuko had known of Aang, he had never seen him without the beanie. The boy probably didn't like being reminded of when he was sick due to his lack of hair.

"Don't tell anyone," Aang suddenly said, not looking at Zuko as he reached up. Before Zuko could ask what he meant, Aang pulled off the beanie, revealing that he had short, dark, shaggy hair underneath it.

Unable to stop himself, Zuko reached up and ran his hand through Aang's hair, marveling at the softness and that it existed.

"Why wouldn't you tell anyone about this?" Zuko asked softly.

With a shrug, Aang looked down, "I don't want to get their hopes up again."

It was a cruel reminder that Aang had to fight cancer not once but twice. He had probably grown hair in his first remission too.

"Well," Zuko said slowly, unsure of what to say, "It looks good on you and I'm sure the others would agree."

Though Aang nodded in acknowledgement he didn't respond verbally. He allowed Zuko to direct him to Zuko's bedroom so he could change.

While he waited, Zuko hung Aang's clothes to dry in the bathroom and called down to the tea shop to tell his uncle what was going on in case Jet hadn't. Thankfully Iroh said he'd call Aang's grandfather to let him know Aang would be staying with them at least until the storm passed because Zuko had no idea what Aang's home phone number was.

By the time Zuko finished, Aang returned from Zuko's bedroom now wearing the red pajama bottoms which hung over his feet a little but at least fit decently with the pull string tied at the right size. Zuko directed Aang to sit on the other blankets near the electric fireplace as he poured them both some hot chocolate. Zuko imagined Iroh would have preferred Zuko serve their guest tea but Zuko never became a master brewer like his uncle and didn't want to risk poisoning his friend.

First Zuko gave Aang his mug before going to change back into his pajamas so he could sit on the floor comfortably with Aang. He then grabbed his mug, another blanket and joined Aang on the floor, wrapping his blanket around himself and Aang.

Sharing body heat was Zuko's excuse for wrapping the blanket around the two of them but Aang didn't ask. Instead Aang just scooted closer to Zuko and leaned against him a bit, just the right height difference between them that Aand could rest his head on Zuko's shoulder comfortably.

Keeping his mug on his lap within his hands, Zuko felt too nervous to drink it, too nervous to move and disturb the other boy or, worse, cause him to move away. This was turning into a scenario from those romance novels Ty Lee always gushed about. If they were in a cabin in the woods all that needed to happen was for the power to go out and they'd have to share body heat to survive. Though if that happened here nothing could happen before Zuko's uncle rushed up to check on them. Actually he was surprised Iroh hadn't came up to bring them tea or something yet.

Feeling paranoid, Zuko strained his ears to see if he could hear his uncle coming up the steps when something cold touched his wrist; it only taking a moment for him to realize that the cold thing was the icicles called Aang's fingers.

"Hey, are you alright," Aang's head did not move from Zuko's shoulder as he peered up at the older boy, "You got really quiet."

"I'm not the one that nearly became a snowman," Zuko set down his hot chocolate and took Aang's hands into his own to try and warm them up that way. "How are you feeling, any warmer yet; I sort of feel like I should check you for frost bite or something."

Aang chuckled softly, his breath tickling against Zuko's neck, "You just want to see me practically naked again."

"No I don't," Zuko protested too quickly, sure he would burn Aang with how much his skin heated up at the jest.

Instead of pulling away, Aang laughed again and moved closer, pulling his hands free from Zuko's in order to casually wrap his arms around Zuko's waist, his head now coming to rest in the crook of Zuko's neck.

"Whatever you say hotman," Aang murmured, not caring that he was shirtless, just wearing Zuko's pajama's as he practically snuggled against Zuko's side as the boy was just in pajamas himself.

"Don't call me hotman," Zuko grumbled, secretly pleased to note that Aang's skin no longer felt cold and no longer looked remotely pale nor too red.

Absently stroking over Aang's arm that was in front of him, Zuko tried to remember the signs of hypothermia that he learned in first aide. Aang had never showed signs of weakness or loss of coordination, nor did he show any signs of having problems thinking. The shivering had mostly stopped once Aang had dried off and gotten into dry clothes and was gone by the time Zuko came to sit beside him. Aang's breathing never seemed to have slowed and his heart beat felt normal with Aang pressed so close to Zuko. And he had given Aang a sweet, warm beverage, which Aang had drank most of while Zuko had been changing, which was part of first aide for hypothermia to warm a person up while waiting for medical assistance. The main sign Aang seemed to be exhibiting was drowsiness but it was still early on a Saturday and he had just warmed up from being cold and had a hot drink, things that could make people sleepy under normal circumstances.

Luckily given all this, hypothermia seemed unlikely. Still there was the possibility of frostbite to consider. Hands, feet, nose and ears were the places most likely to be affected by frostbite and Zuko had felt Aang's hands and Aang had seemed to feel the touch just fine and there hadn't been any blisters.

Reaching up, Zuko felt Aang's ears and cheek, hand resting there as he smiled; relieved that they felt warm and normal under his touch. Aang's nose looked a little red but had not said anything about pain as he thawed.

"How do you feel," Zuko asked softly, letting his hand drift off Aang's cheek and down his neck, glad to feel him radiating warmth there, "Any pins and needles or numbness?"

"No," Aang yawned, "I'm pretty comfortable actually."

"Good," Zuko mentally told his hand to let go of Aang but his hand seemed perfectly content to cradle the back of Aang's neck. "You don't seem to have frostbite or hypothermia but I'm not sure how good of an idea it is for you to sleep just yet."

"You can't be this warm and comfortable and expect me to stay awake," Aang said so seriously in his half asleep state, Zuko nearly laughed at how cute it was.

"I could move," Zuko threatened. It was an empty threat but he was curious as to what Aang would do about it.

"No," Aang whined, his arms tightening around Zuko, "not allowed."

Zuko did chuckle then, his free arm coming up to wrap around Aang's waist as his thumb absently stroked just below Aang's jaw. If sleepy Aang made him cuddle up to Zuko like this, he wasn't about to complain.

"Alright, I'm not moving," Zuko promised, smiling when Aang's hold around him loosened but remained close to him.

"Hey Zuko," Aang asked after a bit of silence, Zuko having thought he had drifted off, "do you live here?"

"Yeah, with my uncle," Zuko explained.

"What about your sister?" Aang asked.

"She lives with our father," Zuko answered.

"Why don't you?" Aang hesitated to ask, his voice soft now.

At first Zuko didn't want to answer. He kept his family life as private as possible; no one at school would have even known Azula was his sister, even with the same last name, if she hadn't made a big deal about it on her first day against his wishes. Still Aang had shared so much about himself, his past, his own family history and his battle with cancer; it would be unfair for Zuko to not answer his question.

"My father and I don't get along, we never have. It got worse after my parents got divorced and my father got full custody of both of us to spite her. He even has a restraining order on her seeing us while we're underage, claiming she's a bad influence," Zuko was surprised how calmly he was explaining this.

Usually discussing his parents and his mother's expulsion from his life had him seething the moment it was brought up. The only explanation he could think of that was keeping his anger at bay was the warmth of the dear person practically wrapped around him more securely than the blankets that contained and shared the heat of their bodies.

"He's the owner of an empire in the fuel industry, he knows how to manipulate the law and how to get away with things," Zuko thought of his scar, how the police practically strong armed him into saying it was an accident of his own making the night his uncle took him to the ER. He had been so terrified at the time at being banished from his home, as confining and as petrifying as it was that he would have been willing to say anything to keep his father's anger from coming down on him again. He had never been able to press charges or face his father since, living in the haven of his uncle's home that he had often escaped to before that feared night had happened but being casted out did not make the suddenly full time arrangement any easier to handle.

There had been and still were rumors about how Zuko got his scar. He never confirmed or denied anything, ignoring anyone who tried to bring it up with him. He had been so relieved when Aang and the others never asked about the scar but he was sure they all wondered about it.

"Do you like living here?" Aang suddenly asked, brining Zuko out of his thoughts.

"At first I had been resentful," Zuko admitted, "But yeah, now I do."

"I'm glad," Aang's arms tightened around Zuko briefly in what seemed to have been a hug. "If you hadn't lived here and worked at the tea shop, we may have never started talking and become friends."

There's that silver lining uncle is always talking about, Zuko smiled to himself. Even though he had been longing for more than Aang's friendship he couldn't argue that right now he couldn't remember feeling happier than to have been there for Aang when he needed help and to have him here in his arms.

"Yeah," Zuko mumbled, "I'm glad for that too."

When Aang didn't respond, Zuko realized that Aang had drifted off. He considered just staying there and letting him sleep, allowing Zuko to hold him for longer but knew Aang would wake up sore if he stayed in this position.

Eventually Zuko gathered up the will power to pull back enough to lift Aang up and carry him to his bedroom, able to tuck the younger boy into his bed without waking him up. Again he had been tempted to crawl into bed beside him, under the excuse of continuing to keep him warm, but settled for sneaking a whispered kiss onto his forehead.
2014 Zukaang Week 6

Theme: Heat

Continued from "Daybreak" 2014 Zukaang Week 1 and "Skin" 2014 Zukaang Week 2

I wrote the stories in order of the themes and Honor was the hardest to think of a story for and Forgiveness took the longest to write. I don't understand why Hope is being so difficult... Here's hoping I can get it done before the celebration is over...

Continued in "Hope" 2014 Zukaang Week 7
If Zuko were to ever see the fortune teller again he would tell her that she was right; he had reached his destiny in an unexpected way. After learning the true power of firebending from the original masters, increasing Zuko's inner flame he had been able to properly teach Aang firebending and together, with the rest of their friends; they had won the war. He was now the Fire Lord and he had his uncle and friends to make sure he stayed true to his world to change the Fire Nation and make it, and the world, a better place.

Given her profession Zuko imagined that the fortune teller already knew she had been right. Still he wished he could see her again and ask her a question that he hadn't thought of at the time:

What was his relationship with Aang suppose to be now? Now that the war was over and their betrothal long gone, what were they now?

At minimum Zuko was still Aang's firebending teacher; the young monk currently staying at the palace to continue his lessons. A step above that they were friends, at least Aang called them friends once and Zuko hoped that was still true.

Was it completely horrible for Zuko to want more?

At times Zuko couldn't help but remember that night on the wool they slept beside each other, the young monk fitting perfectly in his arms, the heat of their bodies swirling together to make a cocoon of comfort and peace Zuko hadn't realized existed and still hadn't been able to achieve again outside of brief hugs Aang would occasionally gift him.

Still Aang was too young, savior of the world or not, for Zuko to be having these thoughts. He ought to be keeping his distance to make these desires go away, not allowing Aang free range over him just to have him close.

Like now Zuko was sitting in his new Fire Lord throne, having changed it as the intimidating flames at his feet was not the kind of Fire Lord he wanted to be. And Aang was sitting on the throne with him, or more specifically on the armrest, legs draped above Zuko's lap to rest on the other armrest as the young monk read over Zuko's shoulder, hand resting there to keep balance as Aang leaned in to make out the words and making comments that made Zuko forget he was suppose to be working.

It would be easy to drop the scroll and wrap an arm around Aang's waist to pull him into Zuko's lap, to hold him and kiss him. In fact, Zuko didn't even have to drop the scroll to do this. Part of him thought Aang would even move onto his lap if he made the excuse Aang would be more comfortable that way but that was far too much temptation.

Zuko was, however, saved from his thoughts when Sokka came into the room. He watched as the Water Tribe boy paused, looked at them and how they were sitting before shaking his head and pinching the bridge of his nose. Really Sokka shouldn't be surprised anymore; ever since the failed invasion, during the solar eclipse, Aang taken to practically sitting on Zuko's lap on many occasions.

"Hey Zuko," Sokka turned his attention to the young Fire Lord, "I was talking to that official guy that betrothed you two and he says you're still betrothed."

"What," Zuko asked, very aware that Aang had leaned against him a bit more when Sokka started talking. "But didn't they call it off when I, well, defected?"

Sokka shook his head, "He said they wanted to keep the Air Nomads from finding out so they could sneak attack them during the comet and they figured one or both of you would die so doing the annulment paperwork didn't much matter to them."

There was a moment of hesitation before Zuko asked, "But it could still be annulled?"

This time Sokka gave Zuko a dead pan, and all so familiar, 'are you kidding' look as he suggested toward them.

"If you two actually wanted to then yeah."

Suddenly Aang was sitting in Zuko's lap, the hand that had been on Zuko's shoulder sliding over to the other shoulder so his arm was wrapped around him.

"Nope," Aang grinned at Sokka before beaming up at Zuko, "I wouldn't change a thing."

Zuko stared at Aang, unsure when it was he fell asleep but he was obviously dreaming.

Though Aang was still smiling, he rolled his eyes as he cupped Zuko's face, "You really can be dense sometimes."

There was no desire to protest or argue though on Zuko's part, especially when Aang leaned in and kissed him. Zuko barely acknowledged Sokka saying something about "oogies" before the Water Tribe boy left the room which Zuko didn't mind either. It just gave Zuko more time to kiss Aang as much as he wanted and he wanted to kiss Aang a lot.
2014 Zukaang Week 5


Theme: Change

Shortest one of the bunch but basically a wrap up of the "Honor" 2014 Zukaang Week 3 and "Forgiveness" 2014 Zukaang Week 4 storyline.



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4) Who is your favorite manga villain?

No clue. I don't really fangirl over manga villains like I do with Disney or Superhero movies.

5) Who is your favorite non-manga villain?

Now that's a tough one. It changes constantly.

6) Why do you love to draw/write?

Because I can create my own world with my own rules and there are no limits my imagination can't reach.

7) What was your first DA submission?

I actually had to look since I didn't remember. It was a picture of Neo Queen Serenity that I painted on my wall.

8) What kind of DA submissions do you favorite more than others?

I favorite a lot of fanart.

9) What's your favorite music genre?

I don't really have one; I sort of just like whatever catches my fancy. I guess I really only dislike heavy metal.

10) What anime/manga character would you turn gay for?

Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon.


I won't be tagging anyone.

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