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Chapter 3

The Drill

Orders came from Father that put a hold on Azula's pursuit of the Avatar. She and the girls were to assist in the invasion of Ba Sing Se. In reality it was likely the Avatar would go there at some point, either to talk with the Earth King about the war or in an attempt to thwart the Fire Nation as it was in his habit to try, so it wasn't much of a setback really.

Almost like a grain of sand falling from an hourglass it was announced damage had been done to the drill from the inside; sabotage. The Avatar was inside the drill, sabotaging the invasion in a way Azula hadn't predicted; that was interesting.

Calling Mai and Ty Lee to her, Azula went to where the damage was being reported, rushing ahead when she heard the voice of the Water Tribe boy. She jumped down onto a brace, firing at the Avatar, whom dodged with the help of a warning from the Water Tribe boy. She was soon joined by Mai and Ty Lee.

"Wow, Azula, you were right; it is the Avatar," Azula could practically hear Ty Lee's flirty smile when she spoke next, gaze on the Water Tribe boy, "and friends."

Like most boys the water Tribe boy had not been able to completely resist Ty Lee's flirty smile, smiling and return and waving a little to her, "Hey."

Katara approaches her brother and drags him away, clearly annoyed. Ty Lee swings herself forward toward the Avatar who quickly air bends her away. The Avatar's group escapes the scene and race through the drill's hallways.

Azula and the girls catch up just in time to see them split up and she points in the direction of the Water Tribe siblings, "Follow them, the Avatar is mine!"

Finding the Avatar on the roof of the drill was no surprise; neither was his using water bending to cut away at one spot repeatedly. Given that he and his friends had done to the inside she could surmise that they had weakened it from the inside to collapse it from the outside with a final blow. It was clever; she wondered which one came up with it.

When she engages him in battle the Avatar tried to use both air bending and water bending to fight her but she evaporates his water quickly enough. The guards throw down boulders at the drill, the Avatar now using those with Earth bending to fight her as well but they're easy enough to dodge. She, on the other hand, manages to use fire bending to slam the Avatar into Ba Sing Se's wall and render him unconscious.

Leisurely she walks over to the unconscious Avatar, taking a moment to look at him. She supposes, for being bald, the child could be considered attractive. He would certainly have grown into a handsome man if he lived that long.

She lifts the Avatar up before the drill can carry him away under the wall and holds him against the wall, lighting a flame in her hand. If she was smart, she would kill him now. Yes that would mean the Avatar being reborn but it would be years before the Avatar could be a threat to the Fire Nation and by then it would be too late for the Avatar to do anything.

Yet there was a lot of potential in the Avatar. He was still young, he was powerful, and he was the last of his kind. He would certainly make for an interesting trophy.

Before Azula could make a decision, the Avatar awoke, saw the fire in her hand and gathered rock from the wall, creating a gauntlet to knock her away with.

A flood of slurry is released as the drill bores deeper into the wall, coating them both. Azula slides toward the Avatar, attempting to halt herself by wind milling only to collide with him. The force of the collision sends both sliding off opposite sides of the drill. She is able to stop her descent by grinding her feet into the drill's side and while she isn't sure exactly how she can fear the Avatar making it back to the top of the drill with the help of his lemur, whom he called "Momo".

She catches sight of him again, running down the side of the outer wall, heading for a boulder he had cut away into a point and wedged into the weak down he had cut into the drill. She fires at him and misses by mere seconds and is sent back forcefully as the Avatar leaps and slams down on the wedge, creating a large ripple effect.

With everything she knows happened already, Azula knows what the impact caused as she watches the effect from outside the drill. The impact of the blow caused the sliced braces inside the drill to collapse and the pipes to burst, releasing a torrent of even more slurry. The drill begins to release steam and its segments begin to collapse. Then the drill stops entirely, destroyed beyond repair along with this invasion attempt.

Azula, skids down the drill also covered in slurry. She lands by Ty Lee, causing the acrobat to be covered in slurry as well.

A hatch opens, revealing Mai, who is completely clean.

"We lost," Mai announced in that dry voice of hers.

"For now," Azula corrected, looking back toward the top of the drill. She doubted the Avatar would still be there by the time she got to the top again and with the slime all over her she would be unable to fight him properly.

It was then that Azula decided; she would have the Avatar as a living trophy. All she had to do was be patient and plan carefully.
Seizing the Avatar Chp 3

I am no Azula. I have no idea where I'm going with this...

First Chapter: Seizing the Avatar Chp 1

Previous Chapter: Seizing the Avatar Chp 2


Robyn Davis
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1) What's your favorite prime-time (from 8pm to 11pm) show on the core networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC)?

Hard to say... Would have to Say "Agents of Shield" at the moment and I am so excited about the spin off show "Agent Carter" that I could have a seizure when I see the opening credits.

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Now that's a tough one. It changes constantly.

6) Why do you love to draw/write?

Because I can create my own world with my own rules and there are no limits my imagination can't reach.

7) What was your first DA submission?

I actually had to look since I didn't remember. It was a picture of Neo Queen Serenity that I painted on my wall.

8) What kind of DA submissions do you favorite more than others?

I favorite a lot of fanart.

9) What's your favorite music genre?

I don't really have one; I sort of just like whatever catches my fancy. I guess I really only dislike heavy metal.

10) What anime/manga character would you turn gay for?

Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon.


I won't be tagging anyone.

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